One Wave At A Time

One Wave At A TimeYes - The Books Are Still For Sale!
The incredible true story... read more
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The Lost Years

The Lost YearsYes - The Books Are Still For Sale!
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                             "Teacher Of The Old Code"
            has now been re-released in a limited quantity!

Teacher of the Old Code

In a Tolkien-esque fantasy world, a great darkness threatens to envelope the entire population. Two heros arise - a prince and a servant girl. They embark on a quest to unite the various tribes in an effort to defeat the invading evil.

The prince turns to his mentor, the Teacher of the Old Code, who brings the Ancient Wisdom, plus truth and Honor to the battle.

Only true goodness can win out, the prince is told. The forces of good are joined by dragons and strange allies.

A story of selfless love, sacrifice and goodness in conflict with evil in a fight to the finish, told by master story teller Billy Brown, made famous as the head of the Alaskan Bush Family.


Meet The Family

Billy and Ami Matthew Joshua Solomon Gabriel Noah Snowbird Rain
Billy - Ami Matthew Joshua Solomon Gabriel Noah Snowbird Rain

This autobiography is one of those "can't put it down" reads, yet each chapter is strong enough to stand alone. 13 Chapters of situations in the life of a man, woman and their 7 children living in the deepest wilderness of the bush of Alaska and aboard tiny fishing boats in the unforgiving Alaskan waters!

To read of the near maniacal-like quest of a scared and desperate young boy, born into wealth, suddenly orphaned and reduced to a state of homelessness at 16 as he tries to fill the void inside is in itself captivating.

But the real story begins when he, with a wife and two toddlers end up stranded for 18 months on a desolate island off the shores of Alaska, where he begins to find his way as a man is absolutely one of the most incredible stories I have ever heard or read...and that is only chapter one. How he,his wife, and now 7 children, after 20 plus years of living in the "bush" staving off bears, wolves and moose, while surviving sub-zero winters to emerge victorious is beyond my wildest imagination.     Dennis J. Nelson... Nashville, TN