Noah Brown

Noah Darkcloud Brown

Being number 5 means using your head a lot...

Noah is the fifth born son. He has always been a can do kind of guy. When he was young he was on of those kids that took everything a part to see how it worked. The difference between him and a lot of other kids is that when he took something apart, he also put whatever it was back together again. By the time he was twelve or thirteen years old, when something broke, be it snow machines or the radar on the boat, we all call for him.
     At home his room looks like a cross between a metal fabrication shop and a science laboratory. He builds robots from scrap down to making his own circuit boards. He would rather study electronic circuitry diagrams than read a book.
He’s one of the most serious in all the family and one of the biggest cut ups and clowns all rolled into one. Every morning, rain, snow or shine, he’s the first up doing Tae Chi on the hill behind the cabin.
     His first love is his bow. Above all the things he does, bow hunting is at the very top. He started shooting the bow when he was eight or nine and found out he had a natural ability with it. Today he’s as proficient with it as anyone I know.
     On board the boat he does almost every job there is. He’s kind of the throw around guy because he can do any of the jobs from the deck to the wheelhouse.

Noah has many dreams of life. He said he dreams of inventing a multi-functional servo robot. He dreams of sailing around the world and the last thing he said with a smile, that he dreams of finding his dream girl.