Rain Brown

Raindrop Brown

And then there were seven...

     Rain is the seventh born and the second of only two girls. From the time she was old enough to talk and say what she wanted, everything she wanted was pink. Pink and frilly, every hair in place, that’s Rain.
     When the family packs into a base camp for deer season, at least one pack is full of Barbies.
     She loves to fish, but even to go to the river with no one for miles around, she has to have her hair and clothes perfectly fixed.
     She loves to read. Her favorite books are Nancy Drew, although any type of mystery will do. Surprisingly she likes to watch scary movies. She screams and squeals, but still doesn’t want the lights on while she watches.
     The harsh unforgiving world of the Alaskan bush is as natural to her as a city park. I tried to ask her seriously what she thought she might want to do when she grows up. With a big smile on her face she answered, “I’m eight years old. I’m not sure yet what I’m going to do this afternoon.”
     That pretty much sums it up, that’s Rain.